Dr. Austin Marolla is a board certified Optometry specialist who graduated from SUNY Optometry Class of 2001.

While he was a student he served as class president, SVOSH Secretary, AOSA Trustee and AOSA National Vice President. Having 18 years experience, Dr. Marolla has had the privilege of working as an optometrist in private practice, commercial and hospital settings.

Currently, Dr. Marolla is a board certified assistant professor at SUNY Optometry in charge of the Homebound Vision Program in Manhattan and the Bronx. He has also been an assistant professor at CUNY teaching refraction and anatomy and physiology of the eye for several years. Dr. Marolla was also the optometric director at Project Renewal - an organization that gives health care and eye exams to the homeless community of New York City. Dr. Marolla served as the first eye doctor to work for international Ray Ban brand at there Global Hub in SoHo New York.

In addition to being an optometrist, Dr. Austin Marolla is an acclaimed singer-songwriter and licensed Reiki Master.

Doctor Austin Marolla
Dr. Austin Marolla 

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