Several Treatment Options to Improve and Slow Progression of Myopia 

New MiSight Daily Contact Lens Slows Myopia Progression In Children

CooperVision is redefining vision correction with its breakthrough MiSight daily wear contact lens, proven to slow the progression of myopia in young patients (with FDA approval for ages 8-12). This daily, single use contact lens offers game changing long term benefits --  slowing down the progression of myopia by almost 60%, and reducing the risk for associated eye diseases such as glaucoma, retinal detachment and irreversible vision loss down the road. 

Ortho-Keratololgy Improves Vision While You Sleep 
Ortho-Keratology uses gas permeable lenses worn overnight to reshape the cornea and improve vision throughout the day, correcting near-sightedness and mild astigmatism. Ortho-K is ideal for young patients, working quickly to alleviate the need for glasses or traditional contact lenses, and promises long-term reduction in progression of myopia by up to 50%. Furthermore, Ortho-K diminishes the risk for developing eye conditions such as detached retina and even glaucoma, later in life. 

Atropine Drops Proven Effective in Treating Myopia
Extensive studies have shown that low concentration atropine eye drops can slow the progression of myopia in most children. These drops are administered nightly before bedtime, and are tolerated well by children.

Eye on the Future: Hoya’s MiyoSmart Lens to be Released in U.S.
Hoya has designed a new polycarbonate MiyoSmart eyeglass lens specially designed to slow the progression of myopia while providing clear vision, which will soon be released to the U.S. market. MiyoSmart lenses are thin and light, impact resistant and provide UV protection. Keep an eye out for more news coming soon!

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