We can SEE more for the simple reason that we invested in technology so we can discover conditions in early stages of development.

Zeiss scanner


The profile takes the eye’s “finger print” so we can understand problems like blurry vision, night vision and diseases of the cornea.

Typically used during EXAMnumber 2 circle


We use Atlas topography to map the surface of the eye, detect potential diseases, and to design precise custom lenses.

Doctor O'Dwyer using Atlas topography

Typically used during EXAMnumber 2 circle

High Definition Retina Scan

Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT

The Cirrus HD-OCT creates high resolution images of the eye. It allows us to see MORE of the eye in greater detail. We can detect diseases in their early stages.

Typically used during IN DEPTH DIAGNOSISnumber 3 circle

Visual Field Mapping

Zeiss Matrix techonoly

If you are a glaucoma patient we have you covered. The ZEISS Matrix technology is excellent for defining the status of the visual field and providing basic glaucoma monitoring.

Eye Imaging

Zeiss Retinal photography technology

Retinal photography technology allows us to keep a detailed record of your eye condition and allows us to monitor for changes over time.